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November 2, 2018 ReBuilt Meals

There are no Spaghetti-O’s in my household. I don’t have any issues with Chef Boyardee as a person (did you know Ettore Boiardi was real? Thank you, Wikipedia.) – it just feels like a cop-out. Do you remember when you’d date in college, and the guy would have a huge romantic evening and make you dinner and it wound up being heated up pasta and Prego? I’m pretty sure all those college boys were raised on Chef Boyardee, and I can’t bring myself to usher the next generation into canned meals even if it does contain their daily requirements for calcium.

When I cook, it’s an ordeal. A fun ordeal – I love it. My cuisine spans every country I can imagine; from soufflé to solyanka to dolmades to paella – I’ve got it all. There is no such thing as ‘taco Tuesday’ in my world.

This means that, when I cook, I devote upwards of two hours on preparation alone. This isn’t exactly workable with the fact I have a full-time job, and that my kids are needy to the degree of being unable to find the socks they’re looking for even if the socks are somehow affixed to their face. Seriously, Kelsey, pull it together. They’re on the couch. The couch. I said ‘The couch’. No, not that couch. The other couch. Did you check the other couch? The couch!

So, you can imagine that my need to be creative in the kitchen doesn’t translate well into real life. It’s not something that I want to give up doing, but sometimes I could use the extra help. And pre-made options tend to be the same stuff over and over again at the grocery store; and it’s all priced expensively for no good reason.

ReBuilt Meals is a meal delivery service – but it’s more than that. Their meals are created by chefs, and promise to be a nutritionally-sound adventure in flavor instead of canned calories. I can pick how many meals I want, and they’re delivered twice a week to my doorstep. They work with me about Kelsey’s allergies, and ensure that my time can be better spent however I need for it to be. Because I can freeze ReBuilt Meals, and change my plan as I need to, surprises won’t stand in my way.

Plus they have espresso-infused pulled beef. I mean, I’m telling you – I was a little worried that this would make the creativity disappear from my dinner table, but here we are.

I have the freedom to cook when it works for me instead of being obligated. Sometimes, it’s okay to let a qualified person take the wheel; and the chefs at ReBuilt really know what they’re doing.

And you can feel good about what you’re doing, too. Right now, they are holding a special where a meal is donated to Feeding Tampa Bay every time a ReBuilt meal is purchased.

Especially with the holidays coming, and my thoughts on what nightmares the in-laws will bring this time, it’s good to take this one thing off my plate; so to speak.

If you have any questions, you can contact ReBuilt at info@rebuiltmeals.com.

Eat well!

The Harper Family

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