Recycling in the Best Way – The College Edition

December 11, 2018
December 11, 2018 ReBuilt Meals

Once you subscribe to ReBuilt long enough, you’ll discover (as I did) that there is literally no reason to ever buy GladWare again. The ReBuilt containers are washable and reusable – they are intended to be. I’m guessing that some moms might get crafty with that fact and make planters for herb gardens or build a sustainable irrigation system for their entire city, but I’m more simple in my take on it – which is that something that has been used for one thing can just be used for that thing again.

It’s true – my glitter glue and popsicle stick skills are totally lacking.

But (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) there’s a limit to how many food containers my cupboard can hold before balancing a single lid on top of the nine thousand other lids will result in an avalanche that gives the dog a concussion.

And that’s when I had a brilliant idea.

My daughter went off to college in September, and in between mild panic attacks and sending her an inordinate number of Tide Pods, I realized that the practical-but-pretty dish set I got her is already encrusted in Ramen and cheese and is beyond any kind of saving.

ReBuilt ContainersAnd that’s where ReBuilt comes in again – because I can send her my leftover containers.

They’re easy to store in and no-spill, so she can take them on long study sessions. As I mentioned already, they’re washable and reusable – but if she does forget to clean them and a full calendar year has already passed, she can just toss them, too. And since the lids are airtight, whatever nightmare of a science experiment was stored in them won’t stink up her dorm.

And heaven help me, if she ever does stop eating blocks of cheese and calling it ‘a meal’, I may even get her a ReBuilt subscription for when she’s at school.


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