Answering Your Frequently Asked Delivery Questions

Answering Your Frequently Asked Delivery Questions

At ReBuilt Meals, your satisfaction is important to us. You might have questions about our delivery services. Because we believe in providing the highest in service and quality, we’ve taken the time to answer some of the questions that we’re asked the most.

What is the Delivery Process?

We utilize FedEx to ship our meals all over the state of Florida. Once your order has shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number so you can check the status of your delivery and plan accordingly. If you’d rather pick up your order, we have pickup locations in the Tampa area where your order can be picked up on a Monday. Hours vary per location, so we recommend contacting a site ahead of time for their hours of operation.

Where Does Rebuilt Meals Deliver to?

Aside from Florida, ReBuilt Meals ships to several states in the southeast. Our website contains a map that includes the states we ship to on our homepage. This includes Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and most of New Jersey.

What are Some Examples of Pick-Up Locations?

Our most common locations are located at various Anytime Fitness and Burn Boot Camp facilities. Other pick up locations include various nutrition shops and other fitness facilities. You can check the availability on our website under the Local Pick Up Location tab. This also includes the hours of each Pick Up Location. Contacting the specific location can also provide business hours as well.

There’s a Pick-Up Location That’s Near Me, But I’m Not a Member. Can I Still Pick Up My Order There?

Yes! Just because you’re not a member at a specified pick-up location, you can still pick up your order there. Referring to our website, will provide a detailed list of our Pick Up Locations and the specific facility’s hours. Calling the location is an additional way to confirm their hours as well. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we want to make the process convenient for you.

I Noticed That ReBuilt Uses Dry Ice as Packing Material for Their Orders. How Does it Work? What are the Benefits?

Dry Ice is carbon monoxide that’s been solidified. Dry ice gets much colder than regular ice, and stays solid for longer periods, so your meals are guaranteed fresh upon arrival. Although dry ice is safe to throw away, we ask that you handle it with caution. As dry ice melts, it becomes carbon monoxide gas, and can be fatal if it’s in a confined space with other living things.

We hope these answers have been helpful. As always, if you’re unsure about anything that ReBuilt Meals offers, please give our website a visit at, or give us a call at (813) 775-7104. If you still prefer picking up your order instead of having it delivered, our site has a complete list of locations near you!