Celebrate Small Business Saturday with ReBuilt Meals

Celebrate Small Business Saturday with ReBuilt Meals

Our world is one of consumerism. There’s no better proof of this than the bleak nature of Black Friday. The unsightly appearance of normal people being reduced to a vicious mob in pursuit of a bargain is enough to turn anyone’s stomach. While many choose to do their shopping from home and others pledge not to shop at all during the day that falls after Thanksgiving. However, there is an alternative to this uncouth tradition that takes place the day after Black Friday, and it’s a welcome change to the commotion and chaos that’s generated in the name of a bargain.

Small Business Saturday is the ideal situation in which we can purchase goods and services that are necessary (or even unnecessary) and do our part to contribute to the many small businesses that deserve our patronage. Established in 2010 to help many small business owners get back on their feet following the ordeal of the 2008 recession, it’s the one day where being a consumer contributes to the greater good. In 2018, it was estimated that the growing support of local and independently owned businesses generated almost $17 billion in revenue.

By supporting smaller and independently-owned businesses, you do much more than help someone succeed in a world where larger retail chains continue to build a monopoly. More than that, you’re investing in your community and the people who call it home. Community success goes a long way and helps stimulate the local economy that can lead to growth, development, and prosperity. A recent poll determined that buying locally grown food is the most popular category to contribute to and aids in the sustaining of local agriculture.

As an independent business servicing the Tampa Bay area and much of the Southeast, ReBuilt Meals is attempting to change the way people think about weekly meal preparation. Unlike large corporations that price gouge and push unhealthy products, ReBuilt Meals offers a variety of plans that are specifically geared for the lifestyle you live. Whether your diet is Keto, high protein, or plant-based, we have all the bases covered. Our ingredients are fresh, natural, and locally grown. By supporting us, you help local growers stay in business.

If you’re ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle and show your support for your community, visit our website at www.rebuiltmeals.com. And remember you are what you eat, and ReBuilt Meals and you are all part of the same community.