Football and Ala Carte

Football and Ala Carte

Football season is here and you almost can’t enjoy the game the right way without great food. While a lot of folks struggle to piece together a solid game day meal, we know how to simplify the process without sacrificing quality. Let ReBuilt Meals help you save time over meal planning, and create excellent party meals for football season.

Weekends Are for Football, Leave the Meal Planning to Us!

Have you ever experienced the anxiety of having to select, purchase, prepare, and serve food for a bunch of friends/family on game day? While it’s exciting to have a huge party and enjoy delicious food, it’s possible to lose some of the joy with too many errands and busy work. ReBuilt Meals can help you slice the hassle of shopping and cooking in half with already-made meals.

You can do this for every meal with one of our weekly adjusted meal systems, but there’s also an Ala Carte system where you can select the most football-appropriate foods. This is exactly what you need for a big get-together to watch your favorite team win big with fewer distractions. It’s your solution to the daunting task of cooking for several people all at once for a football gathering.


Ala Carte Chicken from ReBuilt Meals

Ala Carte Items to for Game Day Meals

Now is the time to get a running start with your party planning this fall. What are the best ReBuilt Meals to go along with Saturday and Sunday football? We have tons of options on our Ala Carte page, but here are our favorites for parties, tailgates, and other comradery.

These are a small selection of what we offer, so we encourage you to look around the rest of our website for game day inspirations. We have about two dozen protein options to go along with several veggies and savory side items.

ReBuilt Meals hopes you have a great time enjoying your weekends and watching a game or two. Again, we’d hate to see you devote hours to chasing down food from the grocery store when we can deliver it to you with no added hassle. If you’d like to learn more, then you’re welcome to drop us an email anytime.