Here's How You Can Make it Through That Summer BBQ on Keto

Here's How You Can Make it Through That Summer BBQ on Keto

Summer barbecue season is still in full effect here in Florida, and that’s good news for you! Grilling food is such a popular summer activity, but many people don't enjoy the same foods as everyone else: some people don't want to eat bunless burgers or grilled fish. Luckily for keto fans, many of these grill staples also happen to be keto-friendly!

It means that if you're on a ketogenic diet or are just looking to improve your eating habits, you can still enjoy barbecuing without having to compromise. Most of the protein-rich meats and poultry served at barbecues will keep you in line with your low-carb goals; but it's essential to be cautious with marinades and sauces because some may have sugars in them. You can avoid everyday side dishes like baked potatoes by enjoying other side dishes instead, like cauliflower steaks.

A lot has been written about the ketogenic diet being a very healthy way of living that's popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders. Some organizations even consider keto a positive form of meal management for those who can afford to commit to it properly, but not necessarily for everyone since numerous factors may complicate efforts during cooking or meal-time, consequently affecting how people feel after they eat it.

Although some people might enjoy the sensation they get from keto, it should definitely be taken into consideration if you're interested in introducing any diet plans and/or supplements into your lifestyle because they might distort certain eating activities and put your health at risk before you know it - like with alcohol consumption for example!

BBQ meats, even the fatty kinds, are very satiating. If you happen to be following a ketogenic diet, they meet your macros too! Mix up your seasonings here and there based on what fits your taste buds; different people like different seasonings, just don't overdo it; otherwise, it may not feel keto-friendly anymore. Remember, when going keto, only use low-carb spices so that you can maintain enough sugars in your body to keep yourself from getting tired or weak.

The most important thing to remember on keto is to look at labels. If you are grilling pre-marinated chicken, make sure that you look at the carbohydrate and sugar counts and take that into account. You should aim for meats with 0 carbs when possible or 1 maximum carb per serving, amongst other things. If this has been taken into account, a person doesn't have to worry so much, although carbohydrates can still be saved for vegetables!

The secret to a delicious grilled piece of meat is to not overcook it. It’s easy enough to cook something thoroughly, but if you leave a steak for too long on the flame, you will end up with a tough, dry piece of steak. The key is actually to make the cut from the flame way before it has fully cooked through - and let it rest for 10-15 minutes wrapped in aluminum foil. This allows all the juices that have seeped out while cooking get redistributed throughout the cut of meat evenly and helps retain as much moisture as possible. This holds true for all kinds of grilled meats and poultry.

The trick is that when cutting, make sure you are cutting at an angle (think slicing off large chunks of cooked meat or breaking up chicken drumsticks). You can always take it off sooner than suggested in your recipe book depending on how crunchy/soft you like your food, but this also makes sure that whatever you cut looks appetizing too!

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