Here's Why You Should Have a Post-Workout Meal

Here's Why You Should Have a Post-Workout Meal

The food you eat plays a pivotal role in the success of your workouts. You need to feed your body the right nutrients before and after so that they can repair your muscles and make you stronger. We know this better than anyone else at ReBuilt Meals. A post-workout meal is crucial for many reasons. Here are our top five.

It Help You Make Healthier Food Choices

Having a healthy post-workout meal can keep you on track with your nutrition plan. If you feel hungry after a workout and don’t plan a proper recovery meal, it’s easier to give in to junk food and empty calories. We are often hungrier after a workout, so having a pre-made post-workout meal, like the ones we have, can feed your body and soul. It also discourages binging because you have a healthy meal ready for you to eat.

Boosts Muscle Growth

Lean muscle is super important if you want to improve muscle density. Eating healthy food after a workout can help you build muscle quicker. The protein in your muscles undergoes stress or strain when you work out. Your body sets to work repairing the damage as soon as you finish exercising. Eating junk food can hinder your muscle growth and even cause injury. You must get enough protein in your diet, especially after a workout, to boost recovery.

Gives You Energy

Your body uses your glycogen stores to give you energy during your workout. Your post-workout meal helps you recover that lost energy so that you don’t spend the rest of your day or night feeling fatigued. Carbohydrates are the best source for boosting your glycogen levels, but try to stick with the healthy ones like pumpkin and quinoa. The type of exercise you engage in will determine how much glycogen you need to restore. High endurance or intensity training will use more energy than weightlifting. A carbo-loaded post-workout meal is best in those situations.

Supports Weight Loss in a Healthy Way

Protein is a key ingredient for boosting your metabolism and gaining muscle. A post-workout meal can help you lose weight because of the added protein that burns more fat. It will also stop you from binge eating.

Boosts Your Immunity

Intense workouts are great for building fitness and stamina, but they can weaken the immune system, especially if you aren’t getting the right nutrients. You may become more susceptible to bacterial or viral infections. Eating a balanced post-workout meal that’s carbohydrate-rich will help you and your immune system stay strong.

View our menu to see what meals you would like for your post-workout. It changes each week, with menus being posted two weeks in advance to help make planning a little easier. ReBuilt Meals uses the freshest ingredients and offers meal plans for every lifestyle, ranging from plant-based to performance-focused. Call us at (813)775-7104 or send an email to, for more information on our meals and services.