How To Save Hours On Meal Prep

How To Save Hours On Meal Prep
Meal prepping is the simple act of preparing your meals ahead of time. Not only can this simple task save you time and money, it can help you stick to healthier, more nutritional foods when you’re craving a Snickers bar at two o’clock. The main point of meal prepping is to make feeding yourself and your family easier, so you can spend your time doing other things. The thought of preparing a week’s worth of meals may seem overwhelming at first, but once you get the basics down, you’ll start to feel more comfortable. As a leading provider of meal prep delivery services in Tampa, Rebuilt Meals is here to show you tips on how to make the meal prepping process faster and easier.

Determine The Best Meal Prep Method For You

Contrary to popular belief, not all meal prepping methods are the same. Depending on your individual schedule, dietary restrictions, and cooking style, one prepping method may work better for you than another. Let’s take a look at some popular meal prepping methods below:
  • Make-Ahead Meals - These meals are just what they sound like. If you are extremely busy during the week and cooking dinner just isn’t in the cards, consider make-ahead meals that you can reheat and eat all week, like a casserole.
  • Portioned Meals - If weight loss is your goal or you’re trying to incorporate healthier foods into your diet, consider making individually portioned meals that you can grab anytime.
  • Batch Cooking & Freezing - Batch cooking is the process of preparing multiple batches of a recipe that can later be portioned out and frozen. A good example of this is broccoli cheddar soup. You can cook a large batch, eat a portion, and freeze the rest to enjoy at a later date.

Determine How Many Meals To Make

Before you begin meal prepping, sit down and think about how many breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and dinners you’ll want throughout the week. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you need to cook 15 different meals if you want three meals a day. Rather, you’ll prepare a few batches of your favorite dishes that can be used in various ways during the week.

Pick A Day To Dedicate To Meal Prep

One of the first things to do in the meal prep process is to choose a day of the week where you’ll have time to prepare all of your meals. Unless you work unusual hours, most people choose Sunday as their meal prep day because they are off work and the kids are home from school. Meal prepping will work the best when you create a schedule and stick to it.

Find Easy & Healthy Recipes

Whether you want to lose weight or improve athletic performance, finding simple and healthy recipes will make the meal prepping process that much easier. When you have a handful of meals that you love to cook, you’ll become more efficient in the kitchen, saving you time during the prepping process.

Make A Shopping List & Stick To It

Some people can go to the grocery store, pick up one item, and leave. Others, however, may spend their time strolling down each aisle, looking at new products, and adding items to the shopping cart they didn’t originally plan to buy. If you’re concerned that meal prepping will take up too much of your free time, make a grocery list before going to the store, and stick to it. If that still sounds like too much, consider using a local grocery delivery service so you don’t have to step foot in the store.

Rebuilt Meals: Healthy Meal Prep Services In Tampa

If you feel you don’t have the time to meal prep and you’d like someone to do the legwork for you, check out the meal plans from Rebuilt Meals in Tampa. We’ll take away the stress of cooking by delivering delicious, nutrient-dense meals straight to your door. All of our ingredients are sourced from trusted farms, and we offer an array of meal plan options to fit your dietary needs and budget. Looking for a keto, low-carb meal plan? Need to find a plant-based meal plan delivery service? We can help! Browse our website to find the perfect meal plan delivery service for you!