Hurricane Ian Relief Free Meals

Hurricane Ian Relief Free Meals

We hope all our patrons are doing well in the aftermath of the difficult trial we just faced with Hurricane Ian. Now that the storm has passed, we have an obligation to help our neighbors rebuild following the devastation. ReBuilt Meals has been able to provide approximately 20,000 meals to aid in hurricane relief efforts.

500 Meals to Families in Need Following Hurricane Ian

Free Meals Given from ReBuilt Meals After Hurricane Ian

On October 1st, we partnered with Humana and the Dr. Traci House, to provide 500 nutritious and ready to eat meals, to those who were affected by power outages in the East Tampa Bay area. Since we felt we had a responsibility to help those suffering after the storm, the management team at ReBuilt Meals quickly decided to form a meal-giveaway effort.

The Tampa Bay Times recognized our charitable contributions in a recent report. They showcased the relief efforts from this collaboration ReBuilt Meals, Humana, and Dr. Traci’s House all made substantial donations to hurricane victims. 

Hurricane Relief and support is paramount to those affected by severe weather and natural disasters.Floridians are slowly getting power restored but will have to contend with permanently damaged or destroyed homes.

ReBuilt Meals’ Hurricane Ian Aftermath and Assistance

ReBuilt Meals would also like to make you aware of our Hurricane Packs - special meal packages you can provide as a charitable donation. Here’s how you can get them today, and really make a difference in the #FLORIDASTRONG relief effort:

  • Hurricane packs cost $30 and comes with 5+ meals of shelf-stable food.
  • Approved by licensed dietitians to meet specific macro requirements necessary for hurricane relief.
  • Until October 24th, you can buy these for donation purposes with no minimum order requirements.
  • You can either donate a Hurricane Pack and we will arrange for their delivery, or you can pick them up directly at our facility to distribute.

We hope you’ll join us in our charitable efforts. Want to help in another way? You can donate to the Red Cross or check FEMA's Hurricane Ian webpage for more supplemental tools and resources.

As always, ReBuilt Meals appreciates your patronage and support, and will continue to serve you with delicious, nutritious, and ready-to-eat meals. As a Tampa Bay based company, we want to provide support and help, to all those affected by Hurricane Ian. Please contact us anytime to learn more about our charitable efforts or any of the wholesome foods we produce.