Is a Plant Based Diet for You?

Is a Plant Based Diet for You?

You may have heard the term “Plant Based” but are not familiar with it. Let’s define what this means and see if ReBuilt Meals can help you make the switch to a Plant Based diet.

A plant based diet is one that consists of foods sourced from plants including nuts, seeds, legumes, leafy green vegetables, grains, and fruits. These diets eliminate or greatly reduce animal protein content, but are not necessarily just vegetarian or vegan. The term “whole grain” can also be used in the context of foods that are minimally refined or processed before coming to you.

There is a range of plant-based diets based on the preferences of each person:

  • Vegans consume nothing derived from an animal
  • Vegetarians may eat some eggs and dairy products, but the rest of their diet is plant-based
  • Pescatarians eat a vegetarian diet and also some fish and seafood
  • Semi-vegetarians eat a pescatarian diet but occasionally do consume meat, and specifically poultry

Research is continuing to show that people living a plant-based diet show improved health and increased lifespans above those who eat a primarily meat-based diet. Plant-based diets are shown to decrease inflammation in the human body, make it easier to lose weight or maintain a desired weight, and decrease the likelihood of chronic diseases such as coronary artery disease or Type-2 diabetes. Adding more plant based items to your diet will make you feel full with fewer calories and keep your digestive system healthy.

People eating a primarily meat-based diet may be concerned that a plant-based diet won’t offer them the protein they need. There is a wide variety of plants that offer more than adequate protein including nuts, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and seeds. Also, plant-based diets cause you to eat a lower amount of fat which also contributes to good health.

If you aren’t familiar with plant-based diets, a great way to start is with ReBuilt Meals. We offer a plant-based meal plan as well as plans for specific dietary needs including gluten-free, soy-free, or dairy-free. If you need more information on our plans or have questions, take a look at our FAQ page at FAQ page or you can email us, chat with us on the website, or call us at 813-775-7104. Check out ReBuilt Meals and start enjoying a healthier lifestyle!

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