Routine Wellness Starts With Healthy Habits

Routine Wellness Starts With Healthy Habits

You’ll see us write often about the importance of healthy lifestyle habits, particularly dietary ones. That’s because ReBuilt Meals isn’t merely a meal delivery operation; we emphasize only the healthiest food choices. It’s with that in mind that we’d like to share these helpful hints on how to establish routine wellness with healthy habits!

Optimize Your Health With These Healthy Habits

Observe the Way Your Body Responds to Food.

While there are many excellent dietary/nutrition strategies these days, not all of them will work for your particular nutritional profile. In a nutshell, not everybody responds the same way to protein, carbs, or certain ingredients like grains. Therefore, you should be the final arbiter on what goes into your body because only you know the effects of items like eggs, nuts, dairy, seeds, and cooking oils.

That’s why ReBuilt Meals provides lots of diverse meal varieties, thereby giving you plenty of ways to experiment and find out what works best.

Avoid the Obvious Harmful Habits.

There are certain harmful habits you want to avoid, including eating too quickly, insisting on dessert with every meal, and eating when you’re not hungry. So, slow down a bit, give your digestive system a chance to process everything, save dessert for special occasions, and don’t eat just to satisfy a dietary quota even if you’re not hungry.

Discover What Triggers You to Eat Poorly.

You may have stressors or triggers that lead you to eat poorly or too often. These could be the box of donuts on the break room table at work, resorting to fast food because you don’t have a meal planned, or running out of good food at home. Find out what typically leads you to stray from the virtuous path, and eliminate the source(s) of the problem.

Make Smarter Food Choices.

This involves discerning good food from bad. Not everything is “black and white,” but there are some useful generalizations to follow.

Good Foods: Seeds, nuts, veggies, fruits low in sugar, and Omega-3 rich meats and seafood. Consume more of these.

Not-So-Good Foods: Processed meat, excessive salt, sugary foods and drinks (including artificial sweeteners like Aspartame and Sucralose), as well as foods containing ingredients you cannot read or pronounce. Steer clear of these.

Make Healthy Eating a Lifestyle (Not a Fad Diet).

Many Americans approach nutrition through fad diets rather than lifestyle habits, which can end up a recipe for failure. It’s the cause of unproductive yo-yo dieting, which is always inferior to developing permanent lifestyle changes. Challenge yourself to create a healthy, sustainable, attainable way of eating that won’t leave you as vulnerable to relapse.

ReBuilt Meals hopes you enjoy these helpful tidbits for promoting dietary wellness. If you follow our blog, you can learn more about these topics regularly. Also, don’t forget that you can correspond with us directly through email or by calling 813-775-7104.