Staying True to Health and Nutrition During the Holiday Season

Staying True to Health and Nutrition During the Holiday Season

There’s nothing that can make someone cast aside healthy eating habits quicker than two words; holiday season. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and having some well-deserved time away from work and school, there’s bound to be the temptation to gorge. Let’s be honest, exercise isn’t an activity that finds its way into the holiday tradition.

Adopt Moderation and a Healthier Intake

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Dealing with family and rushing to make sure presents are all wrapped up and meals are prepped and’s all so frustrating. An environment based on moderation will help you from putting on those unsightly pounds.

  • Moderate your alcoholic beverages
  • Keep plenty of fruits and vegetables around to slow your calorie intake
  • Refrain from going to holiday party hungry, you’ll find it’s too easy to fill up on snacks once you’re there.
  • Keep yourself mindful of how you’re portioning your food out. There might be a temptation to indulge in all the Thanksgiving fixings or all of Santa’s cookies, but just remind yourself that this isn’t a contest!

Keep Your Household as Consistent as Possible

Some of the holiday traditions just seem to invite overeating, even when they don’t intend to. It’s normal to decorate your holiday tree with candy canes and it seems more and more snacks get laid out when the tree goes up. While you shouldn’t abstain from decorating altogether, keeping your living space more akin to how it is during the rest of the year might eliminate some of the temptation. Sadly, there’s nothing that can keep away those holiday commercials that seem to encourage gluttony.

Low Stress Levels and Plenty of Sleep

Growing up, you probably could barely get a wink of sleep on Christmas Eve. The excitement was just too much for your childhood wonder to handle. The holidays can be even more tumultuous now that you’ve grown up and have responsibilities. Make sure you get plenty of sleep during the holidays, this will help you reduce stress, which is a major contributing factor when it comes to overeating. Food might be a strong coping mechanism, but it isn’t a healthy one.

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