Three Reasons Why Portion Sizes Matter

Three Reasons Why Portion Sizes Matter

Every day, there is a new diet plan, set of advice for losing weight, or book to help control eating habits. Some of all that will have helpful tips, and a good portion of it all will not be. One way to understand the difference between good advice and bad when it comes to eating falls under portion size. Today, we’ll show you three prime reasons why portion sizes matter and how you can start applying portion control to your diet right now without losing the fun of eating.

Look at Food as a Relationship

Food needs to be looked at almost like a relationship. For example, when it comes to friends and family, the best relationships come in the form of knowing where boundaries are. Without boundaries, your friend could walk into your home at three in the morning. If you set boundaries in life with everything else the same needs to happen with your food. Some like to call it mindful eating. When you can understand what’s right for your body and place limits on what you’re consuming, your diet and health will remain balanced as well. Portion size matters because it is one of half of your relationship with food.

Portion Control Improves Your Health

When you control the amount of food that goes into your body, in return your immune system will thank you. There are clear reasons why one needs to regulate their sugar and salt intake. There are also reasons why doctors advise you not to consume a lot of alcohol. The body needs regulation when it comes to the elements that are entering it. And you’re the one that controls that, no one else. Portion control leads to an overall better form of health. No one says that eating a piece of cake is bad. It’s when you eat the entire cake that it is.

Portion Control Equals Controlled Calories

Calories are the main culprit when it comes to weight gain. And when portions are controlled, so are the amounts of calories that enter your body. We spoke about the importance of regulation when it comes to food and how forming a relationship with it that includes self-asserted boundaries can only benefit your overall health and that because too many calories throw off not only your weight gain but your overall health. When you practice portion control, you’re actually practicing calorie control as well.

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