What Exactly is a Keto Meal Plan?

Chicken and Broccoli Arugula

You may have heard your friends talking about the keto plan. If you aren’t sure what the keto plan is, or you need more information, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the information you need to get healthier through the keto plan.

What is Keto?

Keto is short for ketogenic plan. With the keto plan, you eliminate sugar and carbs from your diet, so that you can avoid spikes in your blood sugar. The keto diet encourages you to eat natural sugars, such as those sugars that are found in fruits and vegetables. You avoid highly processed foods as well, because these are not good for you. Keto allows you to have less than 20 g of carbs per day, which isn’t much. If you are doing keto, you need to stay away from bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and other foods with a lot of carbs.

A lot of people have tried the keto plan to reduce their weight, and also to help fight the effects of chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. When it is done properly, the keto diet encourages your body to get rid of the excess sugar in your body, which helps to reduce your weight. You should feel a lot better, and have more energy. However, the keto diet is not for everyone, and you need to check with your doctor before beginning it.

Although a lot of people think the keto diet means you don’t have a lot of choice, there’s actually a lot of choice within the keto diet. You can eat a lot of fats and proteins on the keto diet. For a lot of people, this helps them feel fuller, and stay fuller for longer periods of time.

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