COVID-19 — Stay Safe And Eat Healthy At Home

COVID-19 — Stay Safe And Eat Healthy At Home

Tips From ReBuilt Meals To Make The Most Of Meal Times

With Tampa and other cities around the world currently taking unprecedented measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, families need to be prepared for the unexpected. This can cause a lot of stress for parents and children alike, but sharing a meal together can help calm everyone’s nerves and foster an opportunity for sharing feelings and getting a little closer as a family. In today’s blog, we’re sharing helpful tips on making the most out of this difficult time with a little help from ReBuilt Meals.

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Tip 1: Eat Healthy While Staying Home

With local governments and national agencies highly recommending that people leave their homes as little as possible, you may feel nervous to venture out. If you’re uneasy about going to the grocery store right now, you can still provide your family with delicious, nutritionally balanced breakfasts, lunches, and dinners from Rebuilt Meals in Tampa! We provide fully prepared meals that contain healthy, fresh ingredients like lean proteins, veggies, brown rice, quinoa, and more. There are no aisles or lines — just order online and choose delivery or pickup.

Tip 2: Eat With The People In Your Home

With schools canceled and many jobs enforcing a work-from-home approach, families have the opportunity to share more meals together. If you live with roommates, be attentive to each other and consider cooking and eating together rather than in separate rooms. Social distancing can cause many people, especially extroverts, to feel shut down and sad. No matter who you live with — family, roommates, or your partner — try to be a little more intentional in your relationships!

Tip 3: Bring Meals To Vulnerable Loved Ones

Whether you grab some ingredients from the store to cook at home or order a week of ReBuilt Meals, you can help out your friends and family who can’t safely leave home right now by providing them with healthy, ready-to-eat meals. Be sure to check in with your grandparents, parents, elderly neighbors, or friends and family who are at risk due to age or underlying conditions. Even if they do not need meals from you, it can brighten their day to know that you care for them.

Tip 4: Talk To Your Kids About How They Are Feeling

Whether you have young children or teens, your kids may be struggling to adapt to social distancing and school cancellations. If your child’s school cannot facilitate online classes, your home may be less of a haven and more of a madhouse as you work to turn your living room or kitchen into a classroom.

Taking the time to connect with your kids and understand how they’re feeling can help everyone feel a little less stressed. ReBuilt Meals can help relieve some of that stress by taking cooking off your to-do list. In addition to our regular meal plan options, we offer kids meals that put a healthy twist on childhood favorites, so you can easily serve your little ones a lunch or dinner they’ll love.

Get Affordable, Healthy Meals With ReBuilt Meals

At ReBuilt Meals, we care about the Tampa community. In addition to working with our partners Feeding Tampa Bay and Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, we’re offering special discount codes to help you and your family eat well without worry. Grab the codes from the top of this blog post to enjoy a discount every week on your next order. From the ReBuilt Meals team, stay strong, stay healthy, stay ReBuilt.