Meet The Most Flexible Meal Plan!

Meet The Most Flexible Meal Plan!

No Time To Eat Healthy? It’s A Real Problem!

It’s a familiar moment: dinner time rolls around, and the last thing you want to do is cook. Perhaps you default to something easy and unhealthy to save time, and you can’t help but feel a little guilty for it. You promise to make time for a healthier meal tomorrow, or next week, or whenever you can — but what if it’s not about finding hours you don’t have?

Chef-Prepared Meals Give You A Simple Solution

It’s time to acknowledge that, for many people, not having time to eat healthy isn’t an excuse — it is a legitimate problem. Modern lifestyles call for a modern approach to eating, just as they have called for a modern approach to how we do nearly everything else in life. At ReBuilt Meals, our chef-prepared meals give you the opportunity to ditch fast food and frozen meals in favor of healthy, fresh options that save time in the kitchen without sacrificing nutrition!

What Are Chef-Prepared Meals?

Unlike meal kits or frozen dinners, our chef-prepared meals are healthy, nutritionally balanced, and made fresh just for you! Each meal is handcrafted and portioned into individual servings that you can enjoy at home or on the go. With ReBuilt Meals, all you need to do is pick your meal plan, let us do the cooking, and choose convenient delivery or pickup!

What Makes Our Chef-Prepared Meals So Flexible?

ReBuilt Meals offers plans that are flexible enough for any lifestyle, without sacrificing quality, taste, or nutrition. Check out what makes our chef-prepared meals so innovative!

Subscribe With No Contracts or Commitments

Order Meals Weekly And Skip When You Need To

ReBuilt Meals doesn’t require a commitment of any kind. Our meal plans operate on a weekly basis, so you can stock up on freshly prepared meals or stop ordering all together. As long as your order hasn’t been prepped, you can make changes whenever you need. We’re local to Tampa, which makes it easier for us to stay in contact with you and work with your preferences.

Unique Meal Plans For Grab-And-Go Goodness

Heat and Eat, No Assembly Required

Our chef-prepared meals aren’t repetitive or bland — we mix it up regularly with new ingredients and spice blends for refreshing flavors that keep you satisfied! With so many options and a menu that changes weekly, you’ll still have plenty of variety to keep things interesting. Whether you order our plant-based, keto, performance, or traditional plan, you’ll enjoy something new every week. We also offer kids meal plans that put a healthy, nutritious twist on classic favorites.

Build Your Own Meals With À La Carte Options

Mix And Match Your Favorite Ready-To-Eat Ingredients

If you want more control over your meals or enjoy meal prepping, you can individually order prepared proteins, veggies, starches, and healthy fats to create your perfect plan! This can be an excellent option for athletes and fitness lovers who want to fine-tune their macros. It’s also a great way to save time and effort on difficult cooking tasks, especially if you lack certain appliances or don’t have a spacious kitchen

Cover Every Meal Or Just A Few

Flexible Ordering Every Week

At ReBuilt Meals, we believe that food should be flexible with our lifestyles — skip cooking all together or pepper in a few meals to make the week more manageable. If you’re too busy to cook during the week but enjoy doing so on the weekends, you can pick our five-day meal plan. Prefer to have something ready to eat every day? Our full seven-day plan makes it happen! You can also choose how many meals you’d like per day: one, two, or three.

Personalize Your Plan Even More

Add The Finishing Touches

We didn’t forget about the most important meal of the day! You can add on a daily breakfast in addition to your baseline meal amount. Trying to build muscle? Turn any meal plan into a true fitness feast with our double protein option, and don’t forget to include a few of our healthy donuts for a sweet (gluten-free) treat! If you want more of a particular ingredient, simply order it à la carte along with your regular meal plan.

Aren’t Meal Kits Just As Convenient?

ReBuilt Meals isn’t a meal kit delivery service — all of our selections are freshly prepared! Unlike meal kits, ReBuilt Meals handles all of the cooking for you. You won’t have to worry about boxes of raw ingredients piling up in your house. Our chef-prepared meals take care of the shopping, prepping, and cooking all in one!

View Plans And Order Your Chef-Prepared Meals Now

Get started with ReBuilt Meals by ordering online today! With convenient delivery in our service area and 10+ pickup locations across Tampa, we make it easy for you to eat healthy for every meal. Have questions? Contact us or visit our FAQ page for more information. Ready to pick your plan? View our meal plans now!