What Is ReBuilt Meals?

We Provide Chef-Prepared Meals For Modern Lifestyles

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We’re Shortening Your To-Do List One Meal at a Time.

You have plenty of responsibilities to take care of already, which makes cooking healthy food at home difficult. In fact, you may even have so little time to spare that fitting in time to shop, prep, and cook would negatively impact your lifestyle by forcing you to sacrifice in other important areas. Your food should fuel you, not hold you back. That is why we strive to make healthy eating as simple as possible with prepared meals that adapt to any lifestyle!

ReBuilt Meals Offers Better Flexibility & Features

Preplanned and Build-Your-Own Meals With No Contracts Or Subscriptions


With ReBuilt meals, you don’t have to worry about signing up for a program you won’t use. We understand that life changes fast, which is why we offer our chef-prepared meal delivery on a weekly basis — not a monthly subscription.

Change Your Order Weekly

ReBuilt Meals makes it easy to cover as many or as few meals as you need. Give yourself a complete break from cooking all week, use us for dinner only, or customize your plan to fit whatever the week has in store. With no subscription or contract to cancel, you can simply skip ordering when you don’t need meals — such as during the holidays.

Fresh Food Every Time

ReBuilt Meals IS NOT a meal kit delivery subscription, which often comes with prepackaged ingredients. We prepare our meals twice a week so you’re always getting something fresh, not frozen or prepacked.

Environmentally Friendly

ReBuilt Meals provides all of our meals in environmentally friendly Go Green containers. We understand that convenience is important for many people, which is why we take a balanced approach that helps make life easier for you without causing unnecessary waste.

Locally Owned And Operated

ReBuilt Meals is based right here in Tampa. While we work to expand across Florida, you can enjoy eating well while supporting a local business! We also support the community through our partnerships with Feeding Tampa Bay (Feeding America affiliate) and Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful (Keep America Beautiful affiliate).

Build Your Meals With À La Carte Options

If you utilize meal prepping but wish it could be easier, ReBuilt Meals offers prepared ingredients that you can use to create a 100% customized meal plan! Choose from all-natural proteins, veggies, starches, and healthy fats to balance your macros your way. You can view our à la carte menu and macro breakdown below!

How Does ReBuilt Meals Work?

It’s Simple, Healthy, And Customized For You!

Choose Your Plan

ReBuilt Meals gives you the flexibility to choose meal plans that fit your preferences. Our chef-prepared meals cater to the following dietary lifestyles:
  • Traditional Meal Plan
  • Performance Meal Plan
  • Keto/Low-Carb Meal Plan
  • Plant-Based Meal Plan
  • Kids Meal Plan
  • A La Carte

Customize Your Meals

ReBuilt Meals provides the perfect level of personalization so you can create a plan based on how you want to eat for the week.
  • Five- and seven-day plans
  • One to three meals per day
  • Double protein option
  • Daily breakfast add-on
  • Healthy donut add-on

Eat Healthy

ReBuilt Meals handles the shopping, prepping, and cooking to ensure that you can eat well without all the work! Once your order is ready, you can:
  • Enjoy delivery to your door within our service area
  • Pick up your meals at one of 10 convenient Tampa locations

Learn More About Our Chef-Prepared Meal Plans

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Are Prepared Meals Worth It?

A Little Convenience Goes A Long Way

When it comes to determining the worth of any product or service, it’s ultimately up to you. As modern responsibilities become increasingly overwhelming, ReBuilt Meals believes that you need more opportunities to take your time and your life back. You’re likely already taking advantage of countless contemporary conveniences, from washing machines and the GPS in your smartphone to online banking and ready-to-wear clothing. As society changes, it’s important to consider how our lifestyles can remain balanced by utilizing time-saving services whenever possible.

Are Prepared Meals Right For Me?

Answer Some Questions To Find Out
If you’re already considering signing up for a prepared meals delivery service like ReBuilt Meals in Tampa, then you probably already have a good reason to do so. Still, it can help to have more information. Review the questions below to discover if prepared meals delivered to your door can improve your lifestyle.
  • Are you stressed out, frustrated, or disappointed because of how you eat?
  • Does cooking feel like another burden on top of all your other obligations?
  • Do you spend too much time grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking meals?
  • Do you buy fast food to save time even when you’d rather eat something better?
  • Is what you eat holding you back from losing weight or achieving your fitness goals?
  • Do you want to free up time for hobbies or other personal interests and activities?

We Solve These Problems For Good

Many of our problems are actually rooted in the food we eat. ReBuilt Meals helps you solve those problems so that you can shake off what’s holding you back from making positive changes in your life. When you realize how much freedom you can experience by making one simple change — how you eat — your world opens up.
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What Will You ReBuild?

A Small Change Makes A Big Difference

Body Confidence

It’s no secret that eating more calories than you need will result in weight gain, and eating too few will cause weight loss. The surprising part comes when you realize these changes have happened to your body unintentionally. If cooking healthy, properly portioned meals at home isn’t accessible for you, having a reliable means of obtaining healthy meals can help you maintain a nutritionally balanced lifestyle. ReBuilt Meals makes it easy to eat well so that you can naturally maintain your weight.

Fitness Level

If you want to pursue or are already pursuing specific fitness goals, fine-tuning your diet is a key component to achieving results. This can be a time-consuming process, especially if you are already trying to fit regular workouts into your schedule. ReBuilt Meals offers a Performance meal plan that is specifically crafted for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. Our double-protein option can be added to any meal plan as well.

Physical Health

If a poor diet has caused you to decline in your physical health, you can get back on track. It’s not about finding time you don’t have — you just need the right tools and resources. ReBuilt Meals can help you eat well. We understand that not all physical illnesses are related to diet, but for conditions that can be improved by eating well, ReBuilt Meals offers a convenient way to make that change.

Emotional Health

The way we eat can affect our emotional health, for better or for worse. If you are experiencing negative feelings related to food, such as guilt or disappointment due to poor dietary choices, stress from not having time to cook, or general frustration and overwhelm related to your diet, choosing ReBuilt Meals can help you find balance. Whether you need an occasional break from cooking or a consistent solution for every meal, we have meal plans for you!

Time With Family

Kids or no kids (but especially with kids), finding the time to sit down and enjoy a meal with loved ones at the end of a hectic day is challenging. Many times, hectic is actually just the new normal. What was once thought to be a phase is now just “life.” By transforming the time you spend shopping for, prepping, and cooking meals into time you spend with your partner, children, friends, and those closest to you, you can start investing in making relationships deeper and stronger. ReBuilt Meals has options for everyone, including kids!

Passion Project

What if instead of planning out and preparing a meal tonight, you used that time to do something you love? By replacing just one meal per day with ReBuilt Meals, you can free up your evenings to dive deep into your hobbies without worrying about preparing dinner for anyone in your home.

Chef-Prepared Meals vs. Meal Kit Delivery

Let’s Break Down The Differences

While meal kits may seem convenient at first glance, choosing one over freshly prepared meals means you lose out on key benefits. You won’t have to go grocery shopping as often, but you’ll still have to make time to prepare the food in the kit. There is also no guarantee that the meal kit ingredients will be nutritionally balanced. Below, we’ve laid out how a typical meal kit delivery service compares to ReBuilt Meals chef-prepared meals.

ReBuilt Meals Chef-Prepared Meals

  • All meals are prepared fresh
  • No subscriptions or commitments
  • Fresh ingredients only
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Local business (Tampa Bay)
  • Limited (eco-friendly) packaging
  • Ultra-custom, build-your-own meals
  • Focus on healthy meals
  • Stop and start as needed

Meal Kit Delivery

  • You still have to cook everything
  • Must subscribe to the service
  • Some prepackaged ingredients
  • Shipping may damage ingredients
  • National company (typically)
  • Heavy packaging (including ice packs)
  • Limited meal customization
  • May or may not prioritize nutrition
  • Can’t cancel and restart easily

Who Can Benefit From Prepared Meals?

Short Answer: Anyone!

The only people who may not benefit from prepared meal services are those who just enjoy cooking for every meal! If you’re tired of preparing meals every day, you can enjoy more free time with ReBuilt Meals. If you don’t have time to cook in the first place, our chef-prepared meals can help you get the nutrition you need without adding any stress to your life. The individuals listed below may particularly enjoy the benefits of ReBuilt Meals.

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ReBuilt Meals is ready to prepare a full week of fresh meals for you! If you live in Tampa, you can enjoy our convenient, chef-prepared meals via home delivery (within our service area) or pick-up at more than 10 locations. To get started with ReBuilt Meals today, don’t subscribe — just order!
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