we cook and deliver so you can enjoy life more!

it is our main focus to provide delicious, nutrient dense, prepared meals to busy every day individuals so they can enjoy their time doing things that they love.

we source from trusted farms to provide the highest level of quality ingredients in all our meals and deliver them fresh to your doorstep.

pure performance(1)

pure performance

the pure performance meal plan is exactly what it sounds like. built for pure performance. these meals are prepared with minimalistic approach and focused on the pure nutrients for optimal performance in all areas of your life.

feeding your body nutrient dense foods can...

*gluten free*

pure performance


the traditional meal plan is our healthy twist on traditional meals inspired by our skilled culinary team

local menu favorites
celebrity dishes
home cooked classics

don't be fooled by the flavor, these meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients weekly, hand picked by our head chef.

each recipe is prepared from scratch by our foodie inspired and health focused chefs.

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need more protein in your diet?

double up!

keto (low carb)

low carb (popularly known at the keto diet) has been
a popular choice in the food and dieting industry
as a go to fat loss option for many years now!

our low carb option removes all of your starchy carbohydrate
ingredients from your meals and replaces them
with double vegetables.

standard meal size approx 12-14 oz
less than 500 calories per meal
30 grams of protien

complimentary rebuilt meals sweet treats each week
life is about balance. so we keep these delicious, simple and healthy

on staff nutritionists for meal planning
allergy accomodations