From Grocery Grief to ReBuilt Relief: My Journey to Stress-Free Meal Prep

From Grocery Grief to ReBuilt Relief: My Journey to Stress-Free Meal Prep

Who has been here before?

You’re finally home after a long day at work. You're exhausted and hungry, so you look inside your fridge... and realize you have absolutely nothing.

Yes, guilty.

Back in your car to the grocery store you go. After doing laps around the parking lot, you finally find a spot.

Once you go in, it is absolutely crowded with people everywhere and it's hard to get through each aisle.

You start grabbing random ingredients hoping you can throw something healthy yet tasty together. And in the process, you grab some sweet treats, even though you know you shouldn’t... You're just so hungry and it looks so good (right now).

You finally grab enough items and make your way to the self checkout... Of course, the barcodes never scan properly so you wait for a staff member to come over to help you.

The total keeps getting higher and you end up spending $44 on ONE meal - WAY more than you thought you would spend to make one simple meal for dinner.

Finally, you make your way out of there and on your way back home. You get home, start getting all your ingredients out to cook, and realize it's gotten late and you're too exhausted to even start.

We all know what this leads to…

You guessed it: There you are, eating a bag of chips on your couch instead. I guess healthy eating went out the door!

Now what if I told you all of this could have been avoided?


Let’s back up to coming home from work and having a variety of healthy and delicious options waiting for you in your fridge... ready to go!

All you have to do is pop one of your meals into the microwave for :90 and boom you’re done!

Imagine having more time relaxing or getting other to-do’s checked off the list.

Almost sounds too easy, right? It's not! 

You can now come home from work, sit back and relax and enjoy a healthy meal for dinner guilt free... all thanks to ReBuilt Meals.

ReBuilt Meals offers a weekly subscription of meals delivered right to your door.

There's no commitment and no contracts. You can even skip meals or cancel at any time.

Choose from a variety of new meals every single week and there’s different plan options for everyone: From lifestyle, to performance, ketogenic and even plant-based.

You're sure to find a plan that works for you!

Sign up today so you can “Cook Less, Live More”.