ReBuilt Meals Provides Ground-Breaking Underwater Scientist with Food for Fuel

ReBuilt Meals Provides Ground-Breaking Underwater Scientist with Food for Fuel

A University of South Florida associate professor is attempting to break a world record by living underwater for 100 days. Joseph Dituri is studying how the human body responds to long-term exposure to extreme pressure – all while teaching his biomedical engineering class online.

Dituri submerged 30 feet below the surface on March 1st for a 100 day stint in a 100-square-foot habitat located at Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo. His living space consists of a single bed, small latrine bathroom and standing shower space, a small refrigerator and freezer, and only a microwave to cook with. 

The space does not have any other cooking devices because it is dangerous to have an open flame under the pressure in the cabin (almost 2x the amount of pressure humans endure on the surface). This leaves Dr. Dituri in a bit of a dilemma when it comes to being able to cook different foods, and he became very bored with eating the same thing day in and day out…. This is where ReBuilt Meals came to the rescue. 

ReBuilt Meals heard about the ground-breaking study that Dr. Dituri was undertaking and reached out to offer our meal-prep subscription services. Every week, Dituri receives a shipment consisting of a week’s worth of meals, allowing him to change up his diet every single day. The menu at ReBuilt Meals changes every single week, giving him the opportunity to choose from over 30 different options every week. 

Watch the interview that ReBuilt Meals’ Marketing Director, Lauren Hanan, did with Dr. Dituri and hear what he really thinks about his meals! 


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More about Dr. Joseph Dituri’s Underwater Study

A medical team will document the 55-year-old’s health by routinely diving to his habitat to run a series of tests. Before, during and after the project, Dituri will complete a series of psychosocial, psychological and medical tests, including blood panels, ultrasounds and electrocardiograms, as well as stem cell tests.

A psychologist and psychiatrist will also document the mental effects of being in an isolated, confined environment for an extended period – similar to space travel. 

Dituri is advancing conclusions found in a study, where cells exposed to increased pressure doubled within five days. This suggests the increased pressure has the potential to allow humans to increase their longevity and prevent diseases associated with aging.

“Everything we need to survive is here on the planet,” he said. “I suspect the cure to many diseases can be found in undiscovered organisms in the ocean. To find out, we need more researchers.”

The current world record for living underwater is 73 days and was set in 2014 by two professors from Tennessee. They also stayed at Jules’ Undersea Lodge.