Welcome to Our Kitchen: ReBuilt Meals' Featured Employee - Rebecca McNulty

Welcome to Our Kitchen: ReBuilt Meals' Featured Employee - Rebecca McNulty

Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca and I have been a part of the ReBuilt Meals Team since August of 2021. You may have talked to me on the phone, through our live chat on our website, text or email! My responsibilities at ReBuilt Meals include supporting clients in a multitude of ways. I am here for you if have a question about applying and redeeming your ReBuilt Rewards, need assistance with your subscription, or recommending my favorite ReBuilt Meal. My goal is to provide on-going support to make the client experience with ReBuilt Meals convenient and seamless.

Another responsibility I have at ReBuilt Meals is being the Team Culture lead. I facilitate and plan team functions, recognize employee birthdays, send gifts of support, and streamline different projects that embody our Core Values. I strive to make our production facility comfortable and welcoming for everyone. This allows me to be creative and show how much ReBuilt Meals cares about all team members.

Finally, I have been collaborating with our Executive Leadership Team, to streamline and develop our new hire onboarding process for team members. I love being able to provide insight of the history of ReBuilt Meals, highlight our growth, and explain all of the different facets of our quickly expanding company.

In my free time, I love to exercise, cook, travel and relax at home with my fiancé and our 2 cats. Otherwise, we are usually planning for our wedding in March of 2024!

My hope for ReBuilt Meals is that we continuously grow as a company and continue to open new productions facilities nationwide!