August Feature Affiliate: Jess Krezmien

August Feature Affiliate: Jess Krezmien

Share a little about yourself: 
I'm Jess Krezmien, I live in Tampa but originally from Buffalo New York (#GOBILLS). I am a competitive Crossfitter, Florida Grid League athlete and Kids coach, CFL2 coach, and owner of OPB Nutrition.

How did you hear about ReBuilt Meals?
It was actually through Grid League! I had tried samples from meal prep companies in the past and was not a fan, so that's why I never used one for myself... and because I'm picky on quality of ingredients... so I was pumped to find one that I liked WITH solid ingredients.

Why do you love ReBuilt Meals?
I may be a nutrition coach, but I'm NOT a cook. I am also fairly lazy when it comes to wanting to make my meals... and I hate stopping what I'm doing to put food together. It's also a huge help on the days when I'm running around with my head cut off. ReBuilt is basically my happy medium between being able to have something that's convenient while also having quality ingredients that make me feel good about what I'm eating.  Also in my laziness, I would eat the same thing all the time, so this is a great way for me to get a lot of variety without having to do any of the work.

How long have you been implementing ReBuilt Meals into your daily routine?March 2021, so a while! Even being that long of a time, I don't think I've found any meals I DON'T like. Only if it's spicy, but I just give those to the husband lol.. I could just pick my meals each week to avoid any spicy ones, but again, lazy, and I like to be surprised each week!

What sets ReBuilt meals aside from other meal prep companies?
Food wise? Other companies that I've sampled in the past just wasn't it. I felt like I was sacrificing quality of food or ingredients for convenience and I refuse to do that. With ReBuilt I get the convince WITH the quality. Their freaking turkey burgers and Brussel sprouts. I have asked many times if the sprouts are made with crack because they're that good... they say no... so I guess I gotta believe them lol.  Their ground turkey/beef is amazing.... and the bacon brussels and beef meal... hands down winner every time. They have a bunch of different styles to choose from based on your preference/needs/etc. They even have a la carte to match your macros as ya need!

Non-food wise... their customer service is insane. They are so nice and helpful. They make the whole process really easy!

Why do you recommend ReBuilt Meals?
I would recommend ReBuilt for anyone who has a busy schedule, or hates cooking (or sucks at it like I do), wants more variety without all the prepping and grocery shopping.... pretty much for anyone who eats food. It just helps make my day so much easier!

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