September Feature Affiliate: Summer Wilson

September Feature Affiliate: Summer Wilson

Share a little about yourself: My name is Summer Wilson and I am a St Pete resident originally from North Carolina. My fiance and I moved here from Baltimore about 3 years ago to start our own businesses in General Contracting and Interior Design! I am a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model and Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader as well. We absolutely love the lives we are building (no pun intended) here in St Petersburg and the community of empowerment that it fosters. 

How did you hear about ReBuilt Meals?
I honestly feel like I was seeing it EVERYWHERE on my Instagram feed and a lot of people that I follow were enjoying it…and I knew I had to try it. Why do you love ReBuilt Meals? I love ReBuilt Meals because they are ACTUALLY really good. Like, I would order these meals at a restaurant given the option. I look forward to peeling off the plastic of my meal prep every lunch instead of dreading a “healthy alternative.” They aren’t bland and have a ton of options to choose from. 

How long have you been implementing ReBuilt Meals into your daily routine?For about 2 months now. 

What sets ReBuilt meals aside from other meal prep companies?
I think what I like the most is there is a ton of great customer service and there are designated people you work with you help get you started, explain the different meal types, etc. I love that you can mix and match different meal plans and choose what you want the week before. I love having options! I genuinely think that they are such delicious meals, VERY fairly priced in comparison to other companies and they are actually good for you. I also love that it they also have the Nutrient Facts labeled on each packaged meal and they come in a cute isolated bag waiting for you at pick up. The whole process itself is super seamless which is important in a meal prepping service. The whole real I do them is for ease and to be healthy - ReBuilt meals truly knocks it out of the park.

Why do you recommend ReBuilt Meals?
I feel like I mentioned it above, but it’s easy, cost friendly, delicious and seamless. I would genuinely recommend anyone to anyone interested in a healthy meal prepping service!

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