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Welcome to my Kitchen: Jason Deal

My name is Jason Deal and my position at ReBuilt Meals is Equipment Operator/ Logistics. I became part of the ReBuilt Meals team on August 1, 2019. My responsibilities include quality control, operating the machines, logistics, and, of course, GOOD VIBES!

I am originally from Tampa! I became interested in culinary at a very young age, when my Mother taught me to cook.

When I am not working, I enjoy long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, playing chess mediocre, working on art, and taking care of an armada of cats.

The best part of working at ReBuilt Meals is the camaraderie; I love working with my teams. My hope and goal for the future of ReBuilt Meals is to serve 10 million meals and open multiple locations across the country.

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September Feature Affiliate: Summer Wilson

Summer Wilson is one of ReBuilt Meals' social media affiliates. 

A hassle-free culinary experience featuring fresh, nutritious meals that are chef-prepared and perfectly portioned to help clients hit their macros. We do the shopping, prepping, cooking, and packaging with no commitments and no contracts. ReBuilt Meals offers plans to satisfy any lifestyle, from ketogenic to plant-based diets. We offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free options - and the menu changes every week, offering over 30 different options weekly, so clients never get bored. We offer free delivery to over 30 pickup locations within 100 miles of the Tampa Bay area, and we also ship nationwide! Cook Less and Live More with ReBuilt Meals. Visit

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ReBuilt Meals Revolutionizes Corporate Culture with Innovative Meal Prep Program
ReBuilt Meals, a trailblazing name in the culinary industry, is proud to unveil its latest initiative aimed at transforming corporate culture through the power of fresh, wholesome, and delectable meal options. The company's new program, designed exclusively for businesses, empowers companies to elevate their work environment by providing convenient and nutritious meal solutions that foster camaraderie, health, and productivity among employees.
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Brandon Assaf's Journey to Revolutionize Healthy Eating

In the bustling world of health and wellness, one name stands out as a disruptor for those seeking nutritious, convenient meals. Meet Brandon Assaf, the visionary entrepreneur behind ReBuilt Meals, a rapidly growing company at the forefront of the meal delivery industry. Brandon’s extraordinary backstory and the inception of ReBuilt Meals have been the driving force behind his passion for promoting healthy eating and sustainable practices.

Growing up, Brandon exhibited a relentless curiosity and an innate entrepreneurial spirit. Always seeking creative ways to solve problems and provide value to those around him. Brandon’s passion for innovation, coupled with his genuine interest in health and fitness, laid the foundation for his professional endeavors.

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Welcome to Our Kitchen: ReBuilt Meals' Featured Employee - Rebecca McNulty
Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca and I have been a part of the ReBuilt Meals Team since August of 2021. You may have talked to me on the phone, through our live chat on our website, text or email! My responsibilities at ReBuilt Meals include supporting clients in a multitude of ways. I am here for you if have a question about applying and redeeming your ReBuilt Rewards, need assistance with your subscription, or recommending my favorite ReBuilt Meal. My goal is to provide on-going support to make the client experience with ReBuilt Meals convenient and seamless.
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