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ReBuilt Meals Provides Ground-Breaking Underwater Scientist with Food for Fuel
A University of South Florida associate professor is attempting to break a world record by living underwater for 100 days. Joseph Dituri is studying how the human body responds to long-term exposure to extreme pressure – all while teaching his biomedical engineering class online. ReBuilt Meals heard about the ground-breaking study that Dr. Dituri was undertaking and reached out to offer our meal-prep subscription services. 
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ReBuilt Meals Featured on Fox 13's "Made in Tampa Bay" segment
Brandon Assaf, ReBuilt Meals' CEO was recently interviewed for a feature on the "Made in Tampa Bay" segment on Fox 13 Tampa Bay. The ReBuilt Meals mottos is "Cook Less, Live More." And Brandon goes on to explain exactly what that means, "Whether it working, taking care of your family, going on vacation... we are here to take the time that you would spend cooking - and to give that time back to your to do the things you really love." 
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Getting the Protein You Need from a Plant Based Meal Plan

Getting sufficient protein amounts is a concern that people following vegetarian and vegan diets may have. But the truth is, adequate protein can come from various plant and grain sources.

Certain plant foods contain significantly more protein than others, and it’s a fact that higher protein diets can promote muscle strength, feelings of fullness, and even weight loss. In fact, a well-planned meatless diet can provide all the nutrients you need; even protein. 

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